How I Planned Our First Trip to Europe

Europe. Who does not want to see Europe? Well not me.

Every time I listen to other people talk about their experience in Europe, I always  imagined myself to be apart of their story. How it felt walking the pretty streets, eating their food, learning about their culture, meeting the locals, observe what they do and even imagine what is it like to be them or them be me.

So, I decided that my husband and I will have our first taste of Europe this year.

Seventeen Months Prior.

To be able to afford our travel expenses, I cut down on some unnecessary expenses and picked up extra work shifts.

Thirteen Months Prior.

Starting June 2017, I researched for cheap air flights for May 2018 travel dates through the web and compared prices with a travel agent from Flight Centre. I found an amazing Early Bird deal for flights — so I booked it straight away by September.

Nine Months Prior.

For this trip, I wanted to do 3 countries: Spain, France and Italy. Luckily my husband is easy and agrees to any ideas that I throw. I read, researched and read some more, until I had information overload. I started booking accomodations through AirBnB as early as of October last year.

Seven to Five Months Prior.

I continued to read and researched about joining group tours vs doing a DIY tour, transporation, best spots for photos, etc., which until the day I flew to Europe, some were left undecided.

Two to One Month Prior.

Monitored currency conversion from AUD to EURO and decided to get the Travellex Cash Passport as they offered the best rates so far.

One Week Prior.

We started to pack, repack and pack our bags. I have been liking lots of photos on Instragram and Pinterest related to Europe, thus the idea of starting a photo blog came into mind.


I am already in the second leg of the trip. I am loving every experience and every moment ‘in my somewhere‘. Even my instant coffee tastes like gourmet.


I promise to share our photos in this page and we hope you enjoying browsing through them.

What about you? Where have you been recently and how did you plan your travels?

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