Barcelona in 3 Days (Part 2)


Barcelona Day 2

Our second day was planned to visit the two most popular Gaudi creations, Parc Guell and The Sagrada Familia.

I was able to pre-book a SUPER SAVER Tour for Park Güell, Sagrada Familia + Montserrat to save us the hassle of waiting in long lines as well as get some handy insights from a knowledgable tour guide. I say it was a good value for the money.

Park Guell

The instruction for the first day was to meet at Park Guell’s entrance by 0730AM to beat the crowd. This was too enticing as I had a pre-concieved idea about having lots of photos taken at the famous park’s balcony.


El Drac
The entrance to Park Guell
Following the curve to enter the park

A little bit of walk and then you reach the Hall of Columns. Not so long after this photo was taken, this area was filled with tourists like me.

Our tour guide was bombarding us with information  about the entrance to heaven, curved lines and Gaudi, but have no retention of those information.

I promise I will read about it later.

Hall of Columns


Then we climbed up the stairs to the balcony.

I was excited as I was saying to myself, ‘Finally, I can now take those instagram worthy photos!’


Only to find out that it was already crowded with other tourists who were planning to do the same as me!

If you are always browsing through social media, you would know that Park Guell’s Balcony is one of the best spots in Barcelona to get an amazing view of the city.

So I did my best and managed to squeeze in.


TIP: For those who are planning to visit Park Guell, you can do so without buying a skip the line ticket or joining a tour (unless you are a hardcore Gaudi fanatic). But if you are mostly after the view and great photos, I suggest you go very early before the park officially opens. Early means that when you get there, you will still see the locals jogging around the park. Head straight up the stairs to the balcony and you will be a total winner!!! After, you can work your way down the park and see the other parts of Park Guell. 

How to get there: Take the train to Lesseps station (green line), go up the escalator then transfer to Bus 24 to El Carmel.

Sagrada Familia

At 0930am, our tour group got on a bus and we headed towards our second destination: The Sagrada Familia.


The church was too massive and full of the slightest details, that I didn’t know where to start taking photos.



Once inside,  one is likely to get a stiff neck from looking up. Gaudi architecture is mind blowing. Each piece of the structure represents something about religion, nature and Catalunya. As usual, I was not listening much to my audioguide as I was to busy taking pictures.

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Jesus on the cross with his face looking upwards.


We were left speechless after our visit to Sagrada Familia.

A little happy dance after, then some photo ops.

One thing ticked off my YOLO bucketlist. Yay!

We were free for the afternoon, so we decided to take the bus to Bunkers El Carmel to catch a panoramic view of the city.


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Ahhhhhhmazing view!!!

How to get there: Take the V17 bus to El Carmel if you already have a metro ticket to maximise its value. We took the 119 bus from  Mercat del Carmel, and bus driver asked us to pay another 2.20€ each as this bus belongs to a different zone.

Feeling jet-lagged still, we headed back to our hotel to recharge for the next day’s itinerary.

A day trip to Monserrat.

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