My Top 7 Travel Essentials

Planning a trip to a new country (or any trip at all) is always a fun and exciting experience for me. I find myself glued to the pc monitor or my iPhone screen scrolling through numerous photographs of these wonderful destinations, and everytime I always feel like jumping straight into these postcard perfect pictures.

I wish getting to these dream destinations is that easy!

Being on the road of 3 weeks now (as a first timer) in Europe, I have come up with my Top 7 Travel Essentials that every self proclaimed wanderlust must have.

So in no particular order, here are my Top 7:

Google Maps.

It is easily accessible by iPhone or android.

To have constant realiable access to Google maps especially when you are on the road, be sure to have recharged your cell phones during your downtime, or always carry a battery charger with you (with the cord of course).

Google Maps can suggest different routes or modes of getting to your next destination.  Surprisingly during this trip, I found out that it also shows options like Uber and taxi services with approximate fare cost.

Trying to find the best gelato in Florence



This tiny round orange gadget enables you to have access to the internet all the time.  My husband suggested to try one during this trip and we have no regrets so far.

You need to purchase the Skyroam Solis, then choose a data plan that suits your needs prior to your trip. My husband choose the 99AUD/month plan.

I tried to do the math by comparing  the cost of Skyroam vs. using international roaming services for an additional 5AUD/day with my mobile provide, using Skyroam still came out cheaper. To know more about this product, click here.

Coffee break in Venice

Credit Cards.

Cash is good, but I cannot highlight the importance of having backup credit cards. Bring your VISA, Mastercard, AMEX even if you have no intention of using them, as it will always come in handy when an emergency situation arises.

For this trip, I opted to use cash passport from a reputable company. Whilst we were in Venice, I tried to take out cash from their ATM. The machine not to dispense our money however, it was deducted from our account. It took me 7 days to follow up with their customer service via phone calls, emails until on the 7th day I told the customer service agent that if I do not get my money back in my account, I might jump off the cliff in Sorrento.

I found my 400euros back in my account the next day.

During this same time, my other two credit cards also decided to play up. Lucky enough, we had our superhero friend, with his superpower credit card who came to the rescue! Thank you Superhero friend, you know who you are!

Lesson learned, bring a reliable cash card, a credit card and a spare credit card in case.  Bring them one and all!!!


Comfortable Shoes.

If you are planning a multi city trip with a lot of sightseeing activities, I recommend wearing a pair of comfortable rubber shoes.

My personal favourite is the Classic White Reebok. I can walk in it the whole day, my feet won’t hurt. Also, it can paired with anything, even with a cute summer dress.

Twirling through Champs-Élysées
Up the steps in Park Guell
Top view of Barcelona from Bunkers El Carmel
Just one of Paris’ pretty cafes


Light Jacket or Cardigan.

When travelling during Spring or Autumn season, bring at least one outer wear that can be worn from day to night. The weather always gets unpredictable. Warm sunny mornings can turn to gloomy rainy afternoons or vice versa.

I have my forever present denim jacket. I fondly named her Ferdy,  after  a very famous Filipino actor in the 80’s Fernando Poe, Jr. aho wore his trademark denim jacket in his actions movies.

I dared the weather in Venice roaming around its canals, bridges and laneways on a cold rainy morning that I ended up with a bad cough and a cold that until this day still refuses to leave my system.



An early morning stroll around the Eiffel Tower
Collecting acorns at Versailles
Do a happy dance in Barcelona
Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?



The wider the brim the better.

Way before, I use to think that hats were too touristy and tried to avoid them by all costs.

Now I understand their importance.

They not only complete your outfit, or make your ‘looking away’ photos every effective, but they PROTECT your face from the sun. I wore this little straw hat in Lake Como and my nose still got sun burnt!

Also, it is a lifesaver during those many bad hair days. Put one on then, Tada! Problem solved.

Verona Midday Sun
Beautiful Lake Como
Come very early to Park Guell to get the best views from the balcony.
Made it to Nice, France.


360 Spinner Luggage.

A 360 spinner luggage makes travel more easy. I use mine as a wheelie frame as it provides good support after the endless transfers to and fro. Also I can rest my weight on my luggage on those little stops when I get too tired from walking.

I got mine from Bric’s Milano. It was too pretty, I wanted mine in cling wrap the whole time to avoid the scratches but somehow it was impossible. It should serve it’s purpose.

Choose a size that you can manage to manoeuvre around and keep in mind that lifting it (with the actual luggage weight) is a different story– one that I cannot forget. Haha!



So those are the Top 7 on my list.

I hope this post will help as you plan that exciting trip to your ‘somewhere‘.