Eze For A Day


I have never heard of Eze before, nor have I seen it in photos or even browsed about it through the internet.

It just happened that during our one ‘free day’ in Nice, our co-worker saw our Insta story and suggested we go to this little village along the French Riviera overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

That was the first time I came to know of Eze.

Since we had nothing to do other than kill time that day, half an hour later we found ourselves onboard Bus 82 heading towards Monaco. We got off the bus midway to explore this little town that we didn’t know much about.


Our spontaneity brought us to one of the most beautiful villages I have seen to date.

It surprised us that Eze is a charming hilltop medieval village that according to my readings was once home to a 12th century castle which had been demolished many years ago (source below).


Read more about Eze.


Today, it’s narrow laneways and cobble-stoned streets are home to art galleries, artsy stalls, specialty stores, souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants.


As we did not know what we really came for, we just followed the crowd parade up the steps, stopping here and there for some photos.



Every corner is photogenic in Eze!


We can take a thousand photos but it doesn’t do this place justice.


At the top most of the village is Jardin Exotique which showcases an amazing display of mediterranean plants and top dollar view of the Mediterranean Sea.


While most visitors pay for the view, the garden itself is worth the time and attention.

As someone who has learned to love and appreciate plants, and a point in time was aspiring to design a french garden in my backyard, I was stunned to see succulents in the  South of France.

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I thought that succulents were always native to the desert and does not belong to french garden. Having been to  Jardin Exotique I now appreciate more the plants I have in my backyard as I have seen and  fallen in love with the concept of a Mediterranean garden.


I’m not so sure why I have never heard of Eze before, but this village is definitely worth a visit when in the Côte d’Azur. 



I hope it makes it to your list of beautiful places to see.

Thank you to our friend and co-worker Amos for sharing with us this beautiful place, Eze!