What To Do in Nice for 2 Days

Nothing beats the charm of this colourful and vibrant city along the Mediterranean, called Nice.

As one of the top most destinations in the South of France, Nice has been a popular choice for locals and tourists alike to enjoy its subtropical climate and panoramic view of the coast.

The vibe of the city is very relaxed, calm and chill. It felt like we were actually on a real R&R holiday rather than haggard and harassed first timers in Europe.

If I am given the chance to relocate to Europe, I will choose Nice in a heartbeat!

Here is a run down of what to do in Nice for two days.

Grocery run at Monoprix.

Stack up on some bare necessities like water, eggs, doughnut, bread, munchies, wine etc. Keep the food budget healthy by cooking your own breakfast and packing lunch, then opt for a nice meal in a proper restaurant for dinner.



Breakfast with a view.

What good is a balcony with a beautiful view if you do not put it to good use?

Balcony breakfasts are a thing in social media these days, and I opt not to be left out. Haha!


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Walk around Place Massena.

One cannot say that they have been to Nice and not been to Place Massena to marvel at Apollo and the red and ochre coloured buildings.



Frolick along Avenue Jean Medecin.

If shopping is in your itinerary then spend a few hours along The Avenue where you can find designer shops and stores to suit your budget.


Admire the pretty balconies and french windows.





Take a day trip.

There are a limitless number of options for day trips from Nice. Initially, our plan was to do a day trip to Monaco but instead, we ended up spending a few hours exploring a pretty little hilltop village called Eze.



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Hang Out at the Flower Market.

Who does not love flowers and spring blooms?

An early trip to the flower market is a feast for the eyes and senses. Buy yourself a single stemmed flower or better yet, get a whole bouquet of reds.


Then parade around the city with your bouquet.

Trust me, you won’t be the only one.


le petit-déjeuner at Le Saleya


If flowers do not fill up your hungry stomach, then grab a table at Le Saleya and enjoy a spread of a delicious French Breakfast.  I love how the French serve their breakfast. Coffee, juice, fruits, croissants, bread, butter and jam in cute litte jars.


Visit the Old Town.

Wander through the dark, narrow laneways of the Old Town and be ready to be surprised in every turn. With numerous shops, restaurants and cafes popping out in every corner.



Do not pass on the Gelato.

Stop on every gelato shop you come across, especially if it spells F-E-N-O-C-C-H-I-0.

With over 90 flavours you can choose from, just innie-minnie-miniie-moo.



Lunch at L’ escale Saleya

This tastes 100x better than it looks. Right on this table is where my mussel addiction started.



Sign up with a AirBnb experience.

Yes, we are certified talented finishers!!!



Slow dance at Promenade des Anglais.

Dance like no one is watching.



Sunset Picnics.

Pack your husband, wife, friend, aperitifs, a good bottle of wine, some cushions and have a sunset picnic on the pebbled beach along Promenade des Anglais.



Cheer to a good life!

May all be well in your own ‘somewhere’.

And thank you so much for reading!