Nice: A Day In The Old Town and Flower Market

There is no better way of spending a day in Nice than hanging out at the Old Town and Flower Market.

Ditch the rigid itinerary and leave all holiday cares, as when you are here, you want time to tick very slowly.

Head on early to experience that crisp morning market feel and delight yourself with rows and arrays of fresh colourful flowers and pretty knick knacks which leaves you with an instantaneous rush of endorphins.

Such a happy place!


Lavanders, Roses and Macarons


I want to capture everything in my camera!


Better yet, I have it all captured in my heart.


We can do this all day.


Amidst the Old Town


We met a furry friend


And found the famous gelato shop!

With over 90 flavours of gelato to choose from.


You can easily get lost, but we didn’t mind.


We found our way back near the Flower Market, in time for a very late lunch.


Since this day, mussels had been a favourite of mine.

Now it is time to parade along the promenade with my bouquet.


And do a romantic slow dance that I will brag about to our grandchildren one day.


I hope you enjoyed our photos.

If you have been to Nice, what was your most favourite thing about the place? Or if you are still planning to go, what is it that you are most looking forward to do?

Thank you for reading and may you have a great week ahead.