How To Be Parisian (Melbourne Edit)


It was a beautiful Sunny Saturday morning in Melbourne.

I jumped out of bed at 8 o’clock to load a full basket of dirty clothes in the washing machine. While waiting for the laundry cycle to finish, I crawled back to bed to cuddle with my husband and do some early morning reading.

One book that has been sitting on my beside table is the book How to be Parisian (Wherever you Are). I came to know about this book nearly over two years ago, when I was planning the Paris leg of our trip to Europe.

The book is fun, FUNNY, chic, addicting, very insightful and most of all WITTY! Do not be surprised if you find yourself laughing out loud as you flip through its pages. If you have a Paris obsession or love anything and everything Parisian, get a copy of the book and make the ‘how to’ and aphorisms your Life Mantra! Haha!

So back to my Sunny Saturday in Melbourne, after reading the book for the nth time, I suddenly felt inspired to be Parisian for a day.


How to be Parisian

(In Melbourne or Wherever You Are):


Put on a Parisian striped top.

Don a beret.

Apply your favourite red lipstick.

Play French songs from YouTube.

Kick your husband out of bed and ask him to take some photos!



A few more poses, then I heard the washing machine beeped. Now it is time to hang the laundry.

I thought, “How much more French can I be? Hanging laundry with my red lippie!”

Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a fantastic day wherever you may be.

Au revoir!