Checking In At The Hepburn Spa Retreat


At times when ‘the daily grind‘ of life gets us down, a quick get away is what mostly the doctor will prescribe.

So, for those who are  in Melbourne or from around Melbourne, I suggest you quickly follow doctor’s order and get a dose of treatment or two at The Hepburn Bathhouse Spa and Retreat.

The Hepburn Spa Retreat has 10 luxurious and contemporary styled villas, located just across the Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa. When I say luxurious — it means that each contemporary designed villa has its own free standing spa and a fireplace!

They have several packages to choose from with various inclusions. For this stay we chose the Wellness Night Stay package.



They describe that each villa was carefully designed to ‘allow warm natural light to flow through the space helping our natural circadian rhythm and allowing us to wind down for the stay.’


The way the villa is designed must be so effective as I felt so relaxed during our stay and might have even forgotten about the world outside.

There is the usual cup of complimentary tea or coffee you can enjoy after check in and a fully functional kitchen, making it convenient to whip up a meal for the ultimate staycation.

Our booking included a complimentary access to the Hepburn Bathhouse. Lucky that day, the bathhouse had some maintenance ongoing, so we got upgraded to use the Sanctuary Bathing instead!

All included in the Sanctuary Bathing experience are:

Aroma Steam Room

Spa Couches

Salt & Magnesium Pool

Walk in Cool Down Pool

Outdoor Creekside Pool

Mineral Hammam

Devonshire Tea

It was heaven!

Mineral baths, steam room, hammam, all of the above…they do work.

We finished the day feeling so light and invigorated without a ounce of stress in the world.




Now I have regained my health and wellbeing as the doctor prescribed.

How about you? How do you cope with ‘your daily grind’ and challenges?

And how do you look after your mental health and wellbeing?