Memories of Milan

I’m trying my best to remember how we got ourselves from Nice to Milan. My very hazy memory tells me that we took a four hour bus ride and arrived at the Stazione Milano Centrale late in the afternoon, which I am starting to remember a bit clearly now, that on arrival we booked an Uber ride and whilst chatting with our very friendly driver about plans of visiting Lake Como, he told us that he actually lives around the famous lake and drives to Milan daily for his Uber stint.

I was communicating with our Airbnb host Roberto by text message to notify of our arrival. He replied that he will be waiting for us at the gate. We unloaded our luggages then noticed a young Asian guy sitting patiently near the sidewalk– he turned out to be Roberto! I wondered how he got his very Italian name. Like others may also wonder how I got my very Italian name – Chiara.

Roberto led us up to our apartment on the top most of the building. Elevators/lifts in Europe are so tiny. It can only accomodate two people, or one if you have a luggage in tow.

I did not have much expectations of Milan, aside from the known fact that it is the Fashion Capital of the World. Yes, our second Uber driver made that clear to us. Of course, he picked us up from the stazione looking sprezzatura in his black leather jacket, denim jeans, pointed dark brown leather shoes, black sunglasses and his shiny Mercedes Benz. Hello Rockstar!

Walking the streets of Milano along the high end designer shops did not seem to spark any interests to me at all. One, I cannot afford them high end brands and two, I choose to spend most on experiences.

Like sitting in one of Milan’s side street cafe and spending my euros on good quality Italian coffee and croissants.

My memory of this exact moment is still surreal, and far more precious than any leather or material goods one can find in store.

The only itinerary in our list for our very short stay in Milan was to see the Duomo di Milano. 

We headed out just after dawn for an easy stroll to the duomo with a tub of Pringles to awaken our sleepy stomachs until breakfast.

A few crumbs of Pringles attracted the pigeons and they came flocking around us.

It would have been nice to spend more time in Milan, just as it is always nice to spend more time elsewhere in the world.

We collected our bags from our Airbnb and met a Filipino couple who looked after and managed the building where we stayed. We exchanged a few stories about their life in Milan and our life back in Melbourne, wished each other well and said ‘Paalam‘.

Then we on another train ride to take us to our next adventure — Verona.