Birthdays and Picnics at The Lindenderry

February is obviously my favourite month of the year, not because of Valentine’s Day, but because it is both my husband’s and my birth month. It is also the last of the summer months in Australia. I tend to get clingy to the warm summer days and sentimental as the cooler months approaches. And most often I have Richard Marx on the radio singing Endless Summer Nights on repeat.

I believe that summer and picnic goes together hand in hand, so I had the perfect reason to book a vineyard picnic at the Lindenderry Estate to celebrate my husband’s birthday. My husband told me later that he felt it was more my birthday than his birthday that day, but he was glad to share his birthday with me anyway.

A Walk In The Clouds?

The Lindenderry at Red Hill is just an hour’s drive from Melbourne. Located in the hinterland of the most charming Mornington Peninsula. The moment you drive into the estate and look on the left side, you will be greeted with a dreamy view of the estate, which instantly transports you a world away. The carefully cultured grapevines, rows of perfect cone shaped pine trees and rose bushes that leads to the hotel’s entrance gives you that European country side feel.

Lindenderry picnics are best arranged by pre booking. On arrival, make sure to stop by the cellar door for wine tasting and pick a bottle of wine to match your picnic spread. In our case, we had been to a few wineries earlier on the day and brought with us a bottle of Pino Grigio from Pier 10.

Lounging among the vines.

We collected our picnic baskets from the reception and headed out into the estate to find a shady spot amongst the vineyard where we laid out our blanket and a feast of delightful charcuterie spread, more than enough for two people!

It was an afternoon well spent enjoying the surrounds, the view, the food, the wine, each other’s company and the whole experience itself. Truly special!

A Lindenderry Picnic

If you are planning a special occasion or simply just want to spend good quality time with your loved ones and friends, consider booking a picnic at The Lindenderry at Red Hill. I must say, it is one of those finer things in life experience.

Enjoy and don’t forget to wear sunblock.

Thank you for reading!


Note: All photos and opinions are my own =)