Streets of Nice (And Confessions Of A Blogger Wannabe)

It has nearly been a year now since my first trip to Europe. To be honest, I still feel a lot of ‘hangover’ from the trip. I loved Europe so much, that one of my greatest fears in life is that I won’t be given the opportunity to go back, visit and see the other parts of the continent.

Considering my ‘geographical disadvantage’ of living in the Southern Hemisphere, the shortest travel time from Melbourne to Rome is 25 hours with 2 hours lay over in Singapore when you fly with Singapore Airlines. I didn’t mind really when there were tons of movies to watch and unlimited Singapore Sling on board. What I did mind was the jet lag. I think we were jet-lagged for nearly 2 weeks. Not being able to sleep until 4 am when I have to go to work that next day. I tried to use my jet lag phase to my advantage as a time to go through photos and write up the blogs that I have posted on our ‘then recent trip’.

I believe I did well initially, but when the jet lag settled and the realities and commitments of life in real time kicked in, I had to recalibrate my focus to be able to enjoy the present day moments rather than spend my time locked away in a room with my computer.

Eleven months after the trip and I am still halfway through opening and viewing the files in my computer. To be honest, one thing that is holding me back from looking through our photo files is the feeling of nostalgia that evokes a very strong longing to go back. I really want, we really want to go back!

One of the reasons why I started this blog, was to share travel tips, itineraries, experiences and travel photos with the hopes of inspiring and helping first timers to Europe plan out their trip. Which I am still aspiring to be able to fulfil in the future.

Because I am having a ‘writer’s block’ at the moment (though I have never been a writer to begin with) on how to write how to and what to blog entries, I have decided to start a series of ‘Photo Diary’ to be able to share our photos minus the pressure of a real write up.

I chose to start this series with photos of Nice for the reason that my website statistics shows that In My Somewhere’s most visited blog posts are the ones about Nice, France.

I wonder how real travel bloggers and bloggers out there keep their blogs so up to date? Any tips?

Hope you enjoy the photos and thanks for reading!