What to do in Venice, Italy

Venice in my memory is a crowded, yet hauntingly beautiful city. Built in a cluster of mud islands and standing on a pile of 1,000 old wood it must be the only city that you will visit that has no roads but only its famous canals!

A visit to this glorious city will guarantee you unforgettable images of distinct bridges arching over tiny canals, lovers on fancy gondolas serenaded by their gondolier, the city’s architecture as a backdrop, the eerie alleyways you feel thankful if it gets crowded. It is a city that everyone should visit at least once in their life time!

Here is a rundown of what you can do in Venice for 3 days.

  1. Hire a baggage porter.

If you travel with a couple of luggages like me, then save yourself from an aching back and hire a baggage porter to take your luggages straight to your accomodation- hassle free! They are government accredited and have IDs. They make the trip possible with a use of a trolley, the best EU20 we spent on in Venice!

2. Take a water taxi.

A thrilling and exciting ride especially if you do this on arrival from the train station! A great way to see a glimpse of the city. I was WOWed all the way with the welcoming sights of Venice. Cost us EU50. Maybe not the cheapest way to get to your accomodation (baggage porter is still No1 option) but definitely worth the ride.

3. Get lost in the laneways and canals.

This is the easiest thing you can do in Venice. For us, we got lost finding our AirBnb, not to mention dragging our luggages up and down the bridges and over the canals, and a grumpy husband I left in an alley so we can find our accomodation quicker without the baggages.

4. Cross the Rialto Bridge.

Built on the narrowest point across the canal, the Rialto Bridge is the oldest bridge in Venice and is still in use! Must be one of the main attractions you came to see. A must see during the day and at night.

5. Coffee along the Grand Canal.

Enjoy a cup of coffee along the Grand Canal and watch the world go by. It is true, the closest you are to a tourist attraction, the steeper the price. But it is still part of the experience anyway.

6. Check out specialty shops or stalls.

There are too many knick knacks on display may it be on the side street stalls or in a specialty store. You can shop your way around major brands as well, just make sure to stay within your budget.

7. Ride a gondola.

An emblem of Venice, these gondolas have captured our hearts and is a must on every lovers and romantics bucket list.

Ride half an hour off peak before 7pm for EU80, price goes up to EU100 from 7PM til 8AM.

8. Hang around Piazza San Marco.

9. Visit a museum.

Visiting a museum is always an option if you have time to spare. You can learn more about the history of Venice and see interesting displays such as this. They must be hardcore fashionistas back in the days!

10. Visit the Murano, Burano, Torcello Islands.

We never made it to these islands as it was raining hard on that morning and I started to get sick. If we are to go back to Venice one day, I will definitely make this tour top on my list to escape the crowded alleys and see a different side of Venice.

12. Take lots of photos!

Travel is more meaningful if what you see is captured through your lenses and shared. Every corner of Venice is insta-worthy so click away!

13. Enjoy every moment with your travel buddies!

A trip to Venice is not complete without love ones or friends. So be silly, spontaneous, enjoy every alley, every canal create fun memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Travel Period: May 20-23 2018.

Hope you enjoyed reading! Happy Travels!