My 5 Best Indoor Plants (Tried and Tested)

My love for indoor plants only started about five years ago when we moved into our new house. I was looking for ways to decorate the corners of our new home and I figured the most cost-effective way I could do this was to bring nature indoors.

There is no argument that indoor plants instantly adds life to any room. Aside from the aesthetic, studies have shown that indoor plants aids in reducing stress and fatigue as well as helps improve mood and concentration. Plus it naturally filters and purifies air and produces oxygen!

With the increased level of stress and anxiety we are all facing during this trying and uncertain times — a potted plant could be our new best friend!

Here are my top 5 indoor plants, tried and tested over time solely in my care and the occasional weekly watering and supervised repotting by my father in law.


My personal favorite. The ‘fashion icon’ of all house plants. Made popular by its deep green, perforated leaves you can see it’s leaves printed in stationaries, wall canvases, frames, throw pillows, etc. you name it– it is mostly everywhere. I would say any self-proclaimed plant lover would own one. 

The monstera is a tropical plant from the rainforest of Mexico. If left in its natural environment it can climb up to 20 meters with leaves growing to about a meter. As an indoor plant, you can keep it small or grow it as big as you want. It thrives in shady areas but can tolerate indirect sunlight. 

When grown big enough, it is a perfect accent to a boring corner! Mine never fails to get compliments from visitors every time.

Years in my care: Five years

Level of Care: Low maintenance once established

Fiddle Leaf Tree

Another equally popular house plant is the Fiddle Leaf Tree. A native of the tropical rainforest of South Africa. If pruned and trained properly, this plant with its lush dark green violin-shaped leaves makes an easy statement piece for any given home. Choose to have it in a small pot, or repot, prune and train it to grow like an actual tree. 

My FLT still looks like the bushy type. I had never had the chance to prune it to look like a small tree.

Years in my care: 4 years

Level of Care: Low maintenance

Giant Bird of Paradise

No other indoor plant can get bigger than this! Just from the name itself, the GBOP can easily grow as high as the ceiling. Best grown potted indoors, as when left to grow outside this plant can turn rowdy and beasty–and is difficult to maintain.

This tall plant with its banana-like leaves make a great feature, also giving your home a tropical cozy vibe.

Years in my care: 4 years

Level of Care: Low maintenance

Snake Plant

This must be the most indestructible indoor plant of all. Perfect for the newbie plant mamas out there!

Its upright, erect, stiff, twisted, and sword-like leaves resembles that of a snake (thus the name).

A hardy, tolerant indoor plant that can survive in low light and neglect. Saying that, once over watered, it easily succumbs to root rot (happened to me).

If someone can please explain to me why it is also called ‘Mother in law’s tongue’?

Years in my care: 3 years

Level of Care: Very Low


I have just purchased this baby a few weeks ago when I needed a breather from the COVID lockdown. A quick trip to Bunnings was all I needed to keep my sanity from the social distancing and self-isolation orders.

It hasn’t been a month yet and I can already see baby vines slowly climbing and leaves starting to unfold. It looks very promising. I’m considering extending the trellis or hooking the vines up the wall so it can crawl up to the ceiling– just like that from a Positano postcard. I know I’m rather too ambitious.

Years in my care: 3 weeks

Level of Care: Low maintenance

Those are my top five indoor plants. I have had other indoor plants that I’m sad to say didn’t do well in my care. They are currently recuperating outdoors with hopes of getting back into the house again one day.

Thanks for reading! Stay Home, Stay Safe!