My Best Indoor Plant ‘Essentials’

Hello and welcome to another ISO BFF plant post. This is a sequel to my previous post as a few have asked how I keep my leafy friends happy and healthy. 

I have no real hardcore tips but I believe that every self-proclaimed plant parent needs to have the proper basic accessories to nurture his/her plant.

So without much further ado, here are the plant ‘essentials’ that I cannot do without.

Moisture Meter

A must-have for new plant Mamas!

This handy device will help prevent you from under watering or over watering your plant. It works by checking the humidity of the soil- no batteries needed. Insert the probe into your pot soil and instantly find out if you’ve left your baby too dry or too wet. 

Understanding the level of humidity your plants love is a very important factor to consider in making your plants happy. For example, the snake plant loves its soil a bit dry while the monstera thrives well in a moist environment.

Before I was introduced to this product it was always a guessing game, now I know for sure what is going on with my plant deep down to the roots.

Leaf Shine

Me googles: ‘how to keep your indoor plants shiny’. 

Google says, ‘mix milk and water’, ‘lemon and water’, ‘wipe leaves with mayonnaise’.

Also me: ‘I can’t be bothered’.

During a not so quick trip to Bunnings, when I was leisurely scanning the shelves for sweet nothings, I found this amazing aerosol product – The Yates Leaf Shine. 

This product claims to:

Protect and beautify foliage.

Keep leaves shiny for weeks.

Does not interfere with plant growth.

So easy and hassle-free to use. Simply clean, dust off the leaves with a clean cloth, and spray away. It won’t disappoint and it does live up to its promise to give you shiny, glossy leaves for weeks and weeks.

Considering I have a baby in the house, I make sure I use the spray while the baby is in another room then ventilate the room well after.

Plant Food

We all know that plants need water to thrive and grow. But do we always consider that they need FOOD as well?

Like you and me our plant babies need to be nourished properly to be healthy and grow their best. I have been using PowerFeed since then. PowerFeed is a slow-release fertilizer that acts by slowly releasing nutrients to the soil immediately on application and in every time you water your plant. It comes in a form of granules that you sprinkle around your plant soil. I do my application every start of the season so I know I have fed my plants for the whole three months. 

 A Father in Law Plant Whisperer 

A very rare commodity that you cannot find in store. Luckily, I live with one. A green thumb and an agriculture graduate, let us just say that my plant worries are far beyond. 

Where to buy?

The above mentioned are my current plant essentials. All of which are made available at your local Bunnings store (except for the FIL of course).

I hope this post is of help. If you have any tips, suggestions, and recommendations please feel free to share and comment below.