Corona Chronicles: Autumn Afternoon Walks

Ten weeks postpartum. Six weeks after the start of lockdown. Five days with unwashed hair. Same five days living in pajamas. Four days not been out of the house. What else is there to count?

The moment Nikky pulled up the driveway before he could even get out of the car, I begged him to take me and Caleb out for a walk. ‘Please Mameh please’. ‘Let me have a shower first’, he said.

Yay! So I excitedly changed into day clothes and put on a beanie to cover my COVID roots. I’m in a constant battle with myself to make that booking at Tellish Hair Studio for fullhead foils, a treatment, and a cut. But my mommy self tells me ‘why spend your maternity leave money on hair when you have nowhere to go during a pandemic. I sighed and whispered to myself, ‘After lockdown, after lockdown’.

So out we went for a short stroll around our neighborhood. I missed the feeling of being outside. The cool crisp air blowing on my face, the smell of freshly cut grass, the sight of neighbors walking their dogs, and kids giggling while racing their bikes on the walking path all made me feel ‘normal’.

Just as we turned around the next street towards home, we saw the sun starting to set. It’s golden-orange ray of light glimmers softly like a blanket covering the houses and treetops. ‘Take a picture Mameh please’ I said, and obligingly he did.

The smell of sweet buttery delight greeted us as we entered our house on return. Mama had just finished baking a chocolate brownie recipe that she found from a packaging label. ‘How is it outside?’, she asked. ‘Lovely!’ I replied.

Feeling bad that she was not able to join us earlier, I suggested to accompany her if she wanted to go for a walk. I could also use another round of exercise. Nikky decided to stay behind with Caleb.

The sun was nearly setting in the distant horizon when we passed by a paddock lined with trees of leaves gold and yellow. ‘Beautifullll!’, my Mama said with utter joy and amazement. It warmed my heart to see that it doesn’t take much to make her happy even during this COVID lockdown. I smiled at my Mama lovingly and gave her a tight hug.

We followed the winding trail along the nature reserve. It was getting cold and dark now; the sky had turned purple-blue. I can see God’s thumbnail up in the clear night sky and I felt comforted in His promises of ‘COVID controlled tomorrows’.

We crossed the wooden bridge towards our side of the estate and headed home. My stomach was grumbling now. Not so sure what’s for dinner. But I surely know there is chocolate brownie for dessert.