Mother’s Day: The Morning After

There is one thing special about this post.

It is that finally, after my nearly 40 years of existence I was able to join the thousands of amazing and wonderful women who get to be honoured and celebrated on the first Sunday of May — Mother’s Day!

I didn’t know how special and extraordinary Mother’s Day was until I experienced it myself as a mother. Not that I didn’t honour my mother and those with maternal influence in my life during the previous years, but it felt more significant this year now that I was able to observe it as a mother myself.


My motherhood journey had just kicked off 3 months ago. I didn’t think it was rightful for me to be called a ‘mother’, yet. What do I know about motherhood? Only the unexplainable feeling of a contraction, the bittersweet long nights, the joys of a blocked milk duct, the neverending change of nappies, and the hungry cries of my baby boy to name a few.

Then I thought again. After the roll call of what seems to be an initiation checklist into motherhood — I think am deserving to be called a ‘mother’ and to join in the celebration this year!

The Truth

I was secretly looking forward to my first Mother’s Day.

A week prior, I asked Nikky jokingly if he had something planned for me for the coming Sunday. Feeling a bit embarrassed that I asked, I quickly changed the topic. I managed to suppress my excitement and settled for the idea to not have any expectation at all.

A Rose is A Rose

On my return home after a quick grocery run that Sunday morning, I found a box of long-stemmed roses waiting for me in the hallway. I immediately knew it was from Nikky. I was lying about the ‘having no expectation’ part. Because in all honesty, I would have been very disappointed if I didn’t receive anything from him that day.

I opened the box with a big grin on my face. A dozen red roses with the longest stems, a box of chocolate, bath salts, a divinely scented candle and a bunch of rose petals. Rose petals, what am I going to do with these rose petals? Are they even edible?

Oh, I think they are for sprinkling in the bath.

Damn If You Do Damn If You Don’t

Not that I didn’t appreciate his expected gesture, but plainly out of curiosity I couldn’t help but ask how much it cost. ‘It is not cheap’ was his reply and he hugged me.

‘Not cheap’. I was about to tell him that he could have gotten me this hairdryer that I have been eyeing for a while. One that I could not afford on a maternity leave income. Instead, I stopped myself and let the thought down the drain.

The Morning After

Well, if it’s not cheap then we might as well put it to good use as a prop. And so we did an impromptu photo shoot.

That is the story of my very first Mother’s Day and the first/last of the long-stemmed roses that I will ever receive from my husband.

Happy Mother’s Day again to all the amazing and super Mamas. Until next year!!!