TabLEscape: A Love Language

Hello! How are you?

Hope all is well on your side of the world during this pandemic.

Life in Melbourne is still pretty much all about Stage 4 lockdown. We are only allowed to go out for four reasons 1. Shopping for food 2. Care and caregiving 3. Exercise (2hours) 4. Study and work if can’t be done at home.

My wanderlust soul misses the outside world so much this lockdown V2.0 that I have started to create imaginary escapades through themed dinners at home with family.

The goal was to transport myself and the whole family to faraway places through the night’s theme. Making lockdown fun and memorable throughout this pandemic.

Thus, TableEscapes.

TablEscap-ing or simply setting up a pretty dining table, helps evelate simple everyday meals to an exciting, fun, pleasurable and memorable experience for loveones, family and friends.

Simply put, it is a love language.

Easy Sunday

Today’s table is all about an easy Sunday lunch. No change of clothes required for the family to comply to be able to sit at the table.

It is a beautiful spring morning. The house is filled with natural light filtering its way through the white linen curtains.

Mama in her pink apron is busy again in the kitchen. Caleb is playing his toy friends with Lolo Ven while Nikky is out for a walk with Caleb’s godfather Simon.

My heart feels blessed and at peace.

This pandemic has taught me to slow down and let things be.

I set the table.

Simple, fresh and clean. No frills.