Spring Picnic and a Poem for Caleb

It was a beautiful 25C Spring Day in Melbourne. Everyone was itching to go out and enjoy the beautiful warm weather. However, our whereabouts are still limited (as you might have known already) due to the ongoing government restrictions. Covid Lockdown seems unending in Melbourne while I feel that the rest of the world has moved on with this pandemic.

I have so longed for an escape from the new reality of this world that we are living in. How big the world is, as I see it from the map hanging in our living room, has shrunk down to dire 5km radius. Everywhere else after that seems like a billion lightyears away.

As you might have also known, I am a sucker for picnics. So on a beautiful day like this I wouldn’t pass the chance to lay a picnic blanket and enjoy a spread even if it is just mandarins and lemon lime bitters because that is all I could grab in a hurry.

There was nowhere to go really.

Luckily, we live close to a paddock on a foot of a hill where purple and yellow wild flowers grow abundantly.


Our precious Caleb had just turned seven months old. How precious have the days gone by. This was his first picnic and surely it won’t be the last.

Mama Me promised to make up for the all lost time we spent outdoors due to lockdown. I promised this little one to show him the outside world when it is safer to do so.

I feel sorry for what he has missed or maybe for what I have missed. But surely this little bub has not missed out on our love, cuddles and affection.

I would like to share a poem written by my Mama for Caleb. I think it is so beautifully and heartily written. So precious that I initially did not want to share it, but it is also so precious that I feel it is a shame not to share it!!!

So I have decided to share it with you. I hope you like it and enjoy reading it.


Into this world you came
From your mother's womb
Who carried you with love and care
For a father who kept her
company so dear
Full of excitement awaiting
for their bundle of joy
beyond compare.

Thank you Heavenly Father
for blessing us with this lovely child
Thank you little one for coming 
safe and sound, 
just on time we were around.
Your first cry heard on
the 15th of February
Birth month of a family of three
Love month of the year they say.

A sleepy tiny boy, becoming and 
grown up now
A chubby boy at seven months
Your chinky sparkling eyes
Your double shaped face
and everything in you.
Your beautiful and tantalizing 
smile the best
So irrisitible for hugs an kisses
from all of us.

So amazed of your growing up 
day by day, 
of little things you do
Make us love you more everyday.

Be missing you Caleb.


Giya Lyn
September 25, 2020

Thank you for visiting my blog. Stay safe always.

Until next time!