Mellow In Yellow

After what seemed to be the longest time, Nikky and I finally had a day off together. Working out our same days off before returning to work from my maternity leave had been one of my topmost anxiety triggers a few months ago. I was stuck in a rot trying to plan out my workdays between Caleb’s childcare and figuring out how I can get the same days off with Nikky with him committing his weekend from work this year to his photography classes. That gives us our ‘days off together’ just being those during the school holiday weeks of the year.

Stress and anxiety got the best of me a I was trying to figure out how to weave our days and times together! I had to talk to my friends and asked for their advice and they gave me suggestions. Luckily, our workplace was able to give us the days that we requested. So in the end, everything worked out.

I’m glad to say my anxiety level has now mellowed to its neutral phase.
I ask myself, why did I get so anxious about having our weekends on the same days? Maybe because I was so used to just being me and Nikky for nine years. Mostly, in all those years we had the same weekends. We can easily pack up and go somewhere on a whim.

But things are very different now with Caleb (and Covid). There is no packing and going on a whim. These days, even just going to the grocery store feels like having the closet and kitchen sink in tow. It’s hard work, but I’m not complaining — I’m just saying.

So on this one rare occasion, I’m really thankful that we could go for a drive, even just a quick one, to enjoy the last few days of the autumn foliage in Daylesford when everything seemed to turn into yellow.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you are healthy and safe in your side of the world!