My Best Indoor Plant ‘Essentials’

I have no real hardcore tips but I believe that every self-proclaimed plant parent needs to have the proper basic accessories to nurture his/her plant.

Here is my best four.

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My 5 Best Indoor Plants (Tried and Tested)

There is no argument that indoor plants instantly adds life to any room. Aside from the aesthetic, studies have shown that indoor plants aids in reducing stress and fatigue as well as helps improve mood and concentration. Plus it naturally filters and purifies air and produces oxygen!

With the increased level of stress and anxiety we are all facing during this trying and uncertain times — a potted plant could be our new best friend!

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What to do in Venice, Italy

A visit to this glorious city will guarantee you unforgettable images of distinct bridges arching over tiny canals, lovers on fancy gondolas serenaded by their gondolier, the city’s architecture as a backdrop, the eerie alleyways you feel thankful if it gets crowded. It is a city that everyone should visit at least once in their life time!

Here is a rundown of what you can do in Venice for 3 days.

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Streets of Nice (And Confessions Of A Blogger Wannabe)

One of the reasons why I started this blog, was to share travel tips, itineraries, experiences and travel photos with the hopes of inspiring and helping first timers to Europe plan out their trip. Which I am still aspiring to be able to fulfil in the future.
Because I am having a ‘writer’s block’ at the moment (though I have never been a writer to begin with) on how to write how to and what to blog entries, I have decided to start a series of ‘Photo Diary’ to be able to share our photos minus the pressure of a real write up.

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