Momshies Playdate

We have made it through the covid year 2020 with high hopes of seeing the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ this 2021, especially with the vaccine rolling out here in Australia and all parts of the world. Glad to say, at least here in Melbourne, life is getting back to normal — covid normal. Every social butterfly has slowly sprung back to life, some others already in full swing.

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After several attempts of trying to organize a playgroup with my workmate friends – the ‘momshies’, we finally pinned it down on a beautiful sunny 26 degree autumn day. A perfect day to hang outdoors in the playground.

So what does a toddler mum wear on a playdate? Some good old comfy clothes of course plus comfy sneakers!

I knew I was going to be busy running around after Caleb in between our mommy chitchats. With all the bending, carrying, climbing and sliding in the playground, I had to make sure I wear comfortable clothes without the fear of having a wardrobe malfunction (e.g. peeing boobies or peeing bumsies).

I ransacked my closet for what I can salvage to put together a cool mum outfit. Despite whatever is hanging in my closet, I always feel that I have nothing to wear. I can hear ASOS chanting out to me from my mobile screen like what you hear from a scary movie, but I brushed off the urge to browse through the online shopping experience. I don’t want to be late today. I was so excited for this playdate — so much that I had succumbed to my fear of driving the freeway just to see the momshies.

I turned to Nikky’s side of the closet to widened my options of what to wear. I found his favourite yellow checkered H&M shirt. Perfect!
I thought it was cool to pair it with a skinny denim trackie and a plain white shirt. I had to peruse Nikky’s beanie to cover my aggressive grey hair regrowth rather than keep my head from the cold. And yes, wear his sunnies too, cause my mama brain cannot remember where I have kept mine.

Denim Track Pants from Bonds

How to style Bonds track pants.

To complete the look, I dressed up Caleb to be my little minion! I think this will be the start of some Mama and Son twinning series. How fun it will be!

Mother and Son twinning outfit. Graffiti wall photoshoot.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter and thank you for reading!

Amazing photography by Dominic Demandante.